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June and July HHRAC Monthly Meetings

New posts incoming! After the June meeting for the HHRAC I’ve been given access to make posts on behalf of the club. After a couple of busy months personally I finally have the time to make some posts and discuss some of the possible ideas for the future of the website. Up first in this post! Meetings and pictures! Let’s go!

The first meeting up was held on the 20th of June, 2023. This meeting is responsible for the ideas of getting the HHRAC website rolling and possibly adding Social Media accounts under the HHRAC name. (Stay posted for updated links to possible Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok accounts). Beyond the small discussions being held about the future of the website and social media accounts; June’s meeting was originally scheduled to take the team up to our repeater on Bullhead Mountain. However we had a low turnout to the meeting and decided that we should go to signal hill to investigate the grounds for future developments in the works, repair the repeater, and hopefully discover the issue with the local FM radio repeater. The local FM radio repeater, 106.1 FM, has been mostly inaudible in town for the recent past with lots of static.

Group photo after the repair of the Signal Hill Repeater. Left to Right: Travous (VE7TJQ), Andrew, Joel (VE7JXS), and Wally (VE7HEW)

Additionally to successfully repairing the Signal Hill Repeater we removed the FM radio transceiver in order to investigate and possibly repair after determining there was an issue with it. After a successful repair, a short discussion with another member, VA7JML, to ensure everything was functioning appropriately; we called it a night and headed back home. On the drive back to the shop to conclude the meeting and outing we agreed that our next meeting and outing would be to Bullhead mountain to investigate the status of the repeater.

The second meeting of this post was conducted on the 4th of July 2023. This meeting would commence with a plan about the rest of the evening where we would return to Signal hill with the now repaired FM Transceiver and reinstall it. Once reinstalled we would ensure you could clearly hear the FM and then continue to Bullhead for our investigation of site.

Group Photo after site investigation of Bullhead Mountain Repeater Left to right: Royce, Geremy, Joel (VE7JXS), Brody, Travous (VE7TJQ), and Wally (VE7HEW)

During the site visit to determine the status of the repeater we were able to recruit a new member to the HHRAC. With a new member and possible repairs to the Bullhead repeater noted we took some time to enjoy the view from Bullhead mountain top despite the smoke in the area from the surrounding wildfires.

After a successful evening out to the Bullhead repeater we called it a night and began our trek home. Discussions on the trip back would include a discussion about possible organizing a demonstration of Amateur Radio to entice possible membership and ideas for posts coming in the future.

I appreciate you taking the time to read all the way to the bottom of this post. I will endeavor to make a post after every meeting within a timely fashion. (Not 3 days before the next meeting).

Joel Stark

New Repeater Controller

The Hudson’s Hope Radio Amateur Club, through the support of the District of Hudson’s Hope Grants in Aid, has been able to purchase a new RLC Club Deluxe Repeater Controller with built in Autopatch!

The club is currently working on programming this new repeater controller, which will replace the existing and aging RLC 2 Controller. Once installed all of the current functionality of VA7RHH will be maintained, with the addition of an autopatch!

The new repeater controller will also offer greater flexibility moving forward with expanded voice features, better DTMF decoding and additional ports for future expansion.