Local Information

The Hudson’s Hope Radio Amateur Club (HHRAC) operates via the club call sign VA7HHC and operates a local repeater under the call sign VA7RHH located in the District of Hudson’s Hope. VA7RHH is accessible on 146.880- with 100Hz Tone as well as 446.000s.

VA7RHH is capable of linking to VE7RSJ via UHF to connect to the larger Provincial Net as well as to IRLP via node 1348. Repeater link commands are available to club members. The normal configuration of the repeater is with the UHF Link to the Net down and the IRLP node Connected.

VA7RHH is also an APRS digi-peater. Packets are typically routed uni-directionally to the internet via an iGate at VE7SNC located in Fort St. John. A bi-directional local iGate is in the works for HHRAC.